24 April 2011

The Lazy Song - Bruno Mars

Aku baru mengetahui kewujudan lagu ni beberapa hari lepas. I've seen people uploading this video up in FB but don't really care about it cause...I don't really like Bruno Mars.

But man, this is the second song from him that I liked. And, he's damn cute when he's doing the robot moves in this video.

Tapi kesian kan. All the back-up dancers have to wear the mask to match his face. Hehehe. JK. :)

Monyet yang baring (towards the end of the video) is the cutest.

I'm not really commenting on the lyrics, I know. But wait. To all the guys out there who reads this - one question: the "throw my hands in my pants". Apa maksud dia?

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