20 April 2011



Craziest news this year, right? Who knew that my prayers will be answered this soon? Hehe. Maybe because this one is easy. Cause I prayed for a lot of things this year, like getting a boyfriend - my other half who has yet to find me. Sigh. I'll wait. Patiently. Maybe I will meet him at the Incubus Concerts? :P

Anyways. I discovered this news, like, yesterday. I was in the office. I opened up the links from Incubus Page in FB. And then, I looked up the Events Page.

"Germany - Germany - Philippines - (Malaysia takde ke please?) - KUALA LUMPUR - Jakarta."


Check out the dates..23rd July 2011. 2011. Twenty freaking eleven! This year!

Oh. My. God.

Sumpah rasa nak menjerit, except that I was in the office. Sigh.

Screen Muncher from my BB - bukti kukuh. saya tak tipu!

In fact, just the night before this big news fall upon me, my BB was being sewel that he sometimes will be, randomly.

my service provider, instead of DiGi has become DiG - like the Incubus song. And my wallpaper was Incubus (of course)

But I don't mind the sewelness this time cause it's kinda funny. BB saya pandai buat lawak.

Pastu, esok pagi, terus dapat tau Incubus nak datang Malaysia!

Rasa macam nak mati tak? Macam drama gila tak? Over tak? Tak? Tak?


I hope the event organizer will make the announcement soon. And.. I really, really hope that the tickets will not be crazy expensive (my 3rd wish).

Their first concert here back in '06 at Bukit Kiara was only RM100 (but I scored free tickets from Hitz.tv, so..).

And their second 'concert' (still nak panggil concert sebab they performed using the same setlist as their Singapore concert the day after that - 17 songs, if I'm not mistaken) was during Sunburst '08. Sunburst was RM148 (early birds).

Fuh. Fellow blogger diyanasaur lagi terel. Siap dapat message from Incubus Band Manager lagih! Pastu aku pegi meroyan kat blog dia! Hahah! Over sangatttttt!

(If you're reading this, hai Diyana! ^_^)

OK. Sementara ni, aku akan tunggu dengan penuh sabar, 2 perkara:

1. Official announcement from event organizer
2. Their new album - If Not Now, When? By the way, their first single - Adolescents -is already available in iTunes.

p/s: I'll buy two tickets in case anyone wants to be my date. Please let me know. :)

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