8 January 2011

Grenade by Bruno Mars

Tak suka pun lagu ni masa pertama kali dengar. I think it's a bit annoying and.. I don't think Bruno Mars should be singing solo. Haha. Evil.

But one fine day I had the chance to watch the video and man, it completely changed my mind about this guy.

He looked so kesian pulling and pushing the freaking piano! Girlfriend dia super evil.

BTW, I still think that his Just The Way You Are is damn annoying.


theroyalcrapster said...

I pun tak suka lagu ni at first, but then ada certain parts yang agak nice. aaannndd I agree with you that 'Just the Way You Are' is annoying! haha

Dayana said...

yeah2. and ada lagi satu lagu (which I think is his) called Marry You or something.. tu pun same category as Just The Way You Are.