25 May 2009

Ocean Size Love - Leigh Nash

I know what I'm doing may be dumb
I know I should not be staring at the sun
But the thought of it leads me to temptation

It's the same whatever side you're on
Separated we're delicate and small
And the space between leads our retention

I see you right in front of me as close as you can get
And the greater you will lead as a daydream gets

And it might seem much too far to get back to where you are
But it's close enough with an ocean size love
So if you can't reach out to me, send a sign across the sea
And I'll pick it up with an ocean size love

I don't have to worry anymore
If I really need you I'll go to the shore
And the thought of you there is my protection

I see it right in front of me, a vision in my head
And I know this is as real as a daydream gets

You make no sound but I can hear you in the wind
I can see this never ends like the sea, like you for me


BoBo said...

ini lagu ke poem??

Dayana said...

lagu, a very nice lagu. sila lah dengar. :)

Cob Nobbler said...

oh i love leigh nash..hahah!

Dayana said...

hello there Cob Nobbler. sampai ke sini melawat archive. heheh.