2 February 2009

Inside And Out (Bee Gees cover) - Feist

Baby I can't figure it out
Your kisses taste like honey
Sweet lies don't give me no rise, oh
For what you're trying to do
Living on your cheating and the pain
Grows inside me it's enough to leave me crying in the rain

Love you forever but you're driving me insane
And I'm hangin' on
Oh, oh, oh, oh

I'll wait, I'll never give in
Our love has got the power
Too many lovers in one lifetime ain't good for you
You treat me like a vision in the night
Someone there to stand behind you
When your world ain't working right

I ain't no vision
I'm the girl who
Loves you
Inside and out
Backwards and forwards with my heart hanging out
I love no other way
What are we gonna do if we lose that fire?

Wrap myself up and take me home again
Too many heartaches in one lifetime ain't good for me
You figure it's the love that keeps you warm
Let this moment be forever
We won't ever feel the storm

Don't try to tell me that it's over
I can't hear a word, I can't hear a line
No girl could love you more
And that's what I'm crying for
You can't change the way I feel inside

You are the reason of my laughter and my sorrow
Blow out the candle I will burn again tomorrow
No man on earth can stand between my loving arms
And no matter how you hurt me
I will love you till I die

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